About the SSA

The Seasoning and Spice Association operates under the aegis of the FDF.

Its membership comprises of leading suppliers of spices, herbs, and seasonings nationally in the UK

Its objective is to represent the interests of its membership by communicating with Government, with Regulators, with Consumer-facing bodies and with the wider Food Industry.

The SSA holds regular meetings of its Executive Board, Technical Committee and Working Groups, the output from all of which guide its policies and communications.


The objectives of the Association include:

  • Identifying issues of concern to Members and making representations on their behalf to the UK Government, other regulatory bodies, consumer/trade organisations, and UK retailers
  • Providing the herb, spice, and seasonings industry with an overall platform from which to speak with a strong unified voice on issues
  • Facilitating a wide exchange of ideas and technical information on herbs, spices, and seasonings
  • Encouraging positive presentation of the industry in the press and media.
  • Educating industry and consumers about herbs, spices, and seasonings

SSA Membership

SSA memberships are incredibly useful with many advantages including:

  • The SSA represents the UK's leading spice and seasoning processors.
  • Members source raw materials worldwide.
  • Members supply a wide range of ingredients to food manufacturers, food service providers and retailers.

We source and supply high quality natural food seasoning, flavour, herb and spice components.

Seasoning and Spice Association members can log in to their SSA dashboard via the Food and drink Federation.

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Our Members

Our membership comprises of leading suppliers of spices, herbs, and seasonings nationally in the UK.


The Facts of Spice

Frequently asked questions about herbs and spices plus a glossary of terms used in the industry.